Arganta, City of the Lost Souls

The adventure starts

Why evading isn't always a clever idea

It is a day like all the other in the coastal city of Ulibar, and five citizien find themselves on the wrong side of law.
Tropo, Albera, Fagio, Dark and Jahram all found themselves imprisoned for various crimes they committed.
Unwilling to face punishment for their deeds (which could have been, in a couple of cases, quite letal), the ragtagged group of criminals decides to try and escape their bonds.
thanks to a careful application of magical energy, they manage to kill a guard and steal the keys, subsequently going on a rampage inside the lower level of the prison, killing several guards and forcing them to retreat.

However, while catching their breath, a mysterious figure appears from thin air, wearing city guards’ insignas, and summarily tearing them apart in a display of overwhelming magical prowess.



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